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Tony Gaffney Plays Hard, Utah Flash Earn A 92-84 Victory Over Fort Wayne

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Good morning, seven people that still read Ridiculous Upside, and happy day before Groundhog's Day!

Before we get to what happened last night in the D-League, I wanted to do a bit of self-promoting and tell you to read all about Scottie Reynolds and how he's becoming an actual point guard because, as he said it, he's "sick of scoring."

Anyway, there was only one game last night in the D-League as the Fort Wayne Mad Ants traveled to Orem, Utah, to take on the Flash.

[Cut to the decidedly non-HD highlights!]

The Flash won this game 92-84 despite having the only point guard on Utah's roster, Orien Greene, called-up earlier in the day to the New Jersey Nets.

Most impressive to me, actually, was the box score of Utah's Tony Gaffney. A surprise pick-up by the Boston Celtics to end last season, Gaffney's been one of the hardest working players in the D-League since he joined the Flash in early January. 

Gaffney finished the game by making one of five his shot attempts to total just three points, but made up for that by grabbing nine rebounds, dishing nine assists and swatting four shots while showing he's capable of definitely doing the little things. The only bit you'll see of him in the above highlights, however, is the nifty assist at the :45 second mark to Ryan Thompson for the open jumper.



The scoring load for the Flash was carried by Ronald Dupree (22 points, nine rebounds), Andre Ingram (19 points, 4-of-6 from beyond the arc) and Ryan Thompson (19 points, seven rebounds and four assists). Kevin Kruger, Utah's starting point guard to begin the season, is expected to re-join the team later this week after rehabbing back at home in Vegas.

For the Mad Ants, point guard Walker Russell Jr. led the team with 24 points but had more turnovers (five) than assists (four) and an inefficient 9-of-20 from the field. Darnell Lazare did what Lazare does, though, as the versatile big man had 20 points and 10 rebounds. Oliver Lafayette had a disappointing outing with just eight points on 3-of-12 shooting in what might have been his last game in a Mad Ants uniform as he's expected to buy out of his contract and head to Turkey to replace Allen Iverson sometime in the near future.