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Denver Nuggets To Host Free Agent Camp Over The Weekend

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One of these players has to attend a free agent workout with the Nuggets this weekend to try and secure an NBA job. (Hint: his last name is pronounced like <a href="" target="new">these</a>, maybe)
One of these players has to attend a free agent workout with the Nuggets this weekend to try and secure an NBA job. (Hint: his last name is pronounced like these, maybe)

With the ongoing rumors of an NBA lockout looming and the potential of no Summer League available to get  a look at possible training camp invites for the fall, an NBA future looked rather bleak for players not currently employed by the NBA. Fortunately, there are quite a few teams hosting their own free agent workouts alongside the usual pre-draft workouts so that they are able to familiarize themselves with the crop of available players.

The TimberwolvesThunderKnicksHornets and Pacers have already brought in players fans sort of remember from yesteryear and now -- according to sources with knowledge of the workout -- the Denver Nuggets will begin a three-day workout for prospective additions to their training camp roster.

The Nuggets will bring in a mixture of the top D-League players, some of the best European imports, former NBA Draft picks and the most intriguing Mexican prospect known to Ridiculous Upside.

The point guard options the Nuggets will bring in include Matt Bouldin, Cedric Jackson, Orien Greene and Tyrese Rice with Greene being the best known prospect following a few successful seasons in the D-league that's included numerous stints on an NBA roster.

The wings in attendance are pretty impressive, at least as far as free agent options go, as Rodney Carney, J.R. Giddens, DeMarre Carroll, Mickael Gelabale and Alan Anderson will work out. All five players were drafted by an NBA franchise, but Carney has probably had the most illustrious career considering he's been on an NBA roster ever since being a first round pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.

Forwards in attendance are expected to include Joe Alexander, Tony Gaffney, Kim Tillie and Ivan Johnson. Aside from Tillie, a player I have little knowledge of and whose stats in college at Utah and this past season in France don't stand out, all three other players showed this past season in the D-League that they're more than capable of holding down a spot on an NBA bench.

While that last paragraph was dedicated to players that are more stretch 4s as opposed to bangers -- though Johnson can bang -- Gustavo Ayon, Eric Boateng and Alade Aminu will all be brought in as players who play with their backs to the basket. Boateng was in camp with the Nuggets last summer.

There's a good chance the majority of these players would be invited to at least an NBA training camp next season, but with the Nuggets bringing them in for a three-day workout, Denver's front office should have a good idea which will fit best for themselves.