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Bruce Pearl Would Not Hire Himself, But The D-League's Texas Legends Still Might

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Bruce Pearl seems like he's a pretty charismatic, fan-friendly, tell it like it is sort of guy. There are plenty of circumstances that have made this apparent during his coaching career, but the former Tennessee Volunteers coach probably made that point most clear during an interview with Dan Patrick on Friday morning.

Pearl, currently deciding whether or not to become the head coach of the NBA D-League's Texas Legends, told Patrick (via SportsGrid) that he wouldn't even hire himself at this point in his career.

"I wouldn't hire me right now," Pearl said. "I would not hire me right now."

I don't know why anyone would say that about himself, but Pearl goes on to tell Patrick -- 20 seconds later -- why people should hire him anyway.

"Here's the deal," Pearl begins, "Dan, soon -- okay, not soon, but at some point -- what you're going to look at is you're going to look at the body of work Bruce Pearl did. You're gonna look at 33 years, you're gonna look at what we did at Tennessee, and you're going to understand that it didn't end well, but this guy did a good job and this is a good guy."

I really wish that guy would have told us in third-person why Bruce Pearl is worth half a million dollars to the Texas Legends, but as long as he readily admits that he did a good job and is a good guy, I suppose he's worth it.

Am I right?