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2011 NBA D-League Draft Results: Jamaal Tinsley, Alando Tucker And A Cloud Of Dust

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The 2011 NBA Development League Draft is done for another season following the beautiful mess that was Thursday night's conference call. The first two picks went as planned with Jamaal Tinsley and Alando Tucker and the rest was as gloriously unpredictable as every other D-League Draft has been since I began to cover them.

It's pretty difficult to say who exactly had the best draft as the 90 seconds in between picks doesn't leave a lot of time for reflection and there are still numerous trades being bandied about (not to mention the fact that returning players play a key role), but there weren't too many ridiculously random picks in the first couple of rounds.

The best picks of the first couple of rounds were, in this writer's humble opinion, Cory Higgins being selected by the Erie BayHawks with the seventh pick, Mac Koshwal going to the Bakersfield Jam with the eighth pick and the Reno Bighorns getting an absolute steal when Cedric Bozeman fell to them with the 20th overall pick.

The early picks I wasn't a fan of were Gabe Pruitt to the Sioux Falls Skyforce with the fourth overall pick and Northern Arizona's Cameron Jones going to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants with the tenth pick, though the Mad Ants corrected that mistake a bit later when picking Montana's Anthony Johnson in the second round.

Tune back in Friday morning for much more in-depth discussion on the D-League Draft. A full listing of the picks is included here.

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