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2011 NBA D-League Draft Includes Jamaal Tinsley, Jamal Sampson, Alando Tucker & Durrell Summers

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The 2011 NBA Development League Draft will take place via conference call on Thursday night as all 16 D-League teams pick up their phones to pick the cornerstones of their franchise this season. Among the notable players in this year's draft are former NBA Draft picks Jamaal Tinsley, Jamal Sampson, Alando Tucker and Gabe Pruitt along with former NBA player Cedric Bozeman and promising rookies like Michigan State's Durrell Summers.

Tinsley's situation was written about at length about on Tuesday morning and Sampson falls into the same category considering he's had a bit of a rough situation since being a second round pick in the 2002 NBA Draft.

Tucker, Pruitt and Bozeman have all dabbled in both the NBA and it's official minor league affiliate in the past while Summers was one of the best undrafted players in this past year's NBA Draft.

All in all, it still isn't as strong as most connected with the league hoped it would be. There are quite a few teams that will return talent from season's past, however, making the lack of of depth in the draft pool a little more amicable.

Over the next couple of days, leading up to Thursday night's call of the Draft (audio will be available at, Ridiculous Upside should be a one stop shop for all of your 2011 D-League Draft needs including player breakdowns and maybe even a mock draft.

Until I am able to get my hands on a complete list of prospects, more interesting names confirmed to be in the Draft are included here.

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