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2012 NBA D-League Showcase To Be Held In Reno

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The NBA Development League Showcase is, for better or worse, the most important part of the D-League season. Each NBA team, and quite a few overseas teams, converge on one location to watch all 16 D-League teams play two games as they look to make a good impression on the scouts seeing them live for the first time. 

This year that lovely location to converge on will be lovely Reno, Nevada, according to a press release issued by the D-League Tuesday night (which I first mentioned on Sept. 2). I plan on making the trip once again -- especially since we were robbed of the Vegas Summer League -- so hopefully the weather is nicer than it was last year on South Padre Island.

"We are excited to partner with the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority to bring the 2012 NBA D-League Showcase to the city of Reno," D-League commissioner Dan Reed said in the release. "Reno will become the center of the basketball world for four days in January, as all 30 NBA teams are expected to attend what has become the premier in-season destination to scout basketball's top prospects."

If the NBA lockout isn't over by then -- which would probably mean the season is canceled -- Reno truly would be the center of the basketball world ... or at least basketball North America.