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NBA Rumors Featuring Joe Alexander, The Lakers And Bobby Brown

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The 2011 NBA Draft has come and gone, leaving everyone waiting now for good news regarding the looming NBA lockout.  Until then, however, we'll keep the rumor roundup going as long as there are interesting things coming out on the undrafted prospects -- as well as the other free agents outside of the NBA.

One thing that hasn't made its rounds to the mainstream media is the fact that Joe Alexander recently worked out for four days with the Milwaukee Bucksaccording to the St. Cloud Times.

Alexander was drafted by the Bucks with the eighth over all pick in the 2008 NBA Draft before the team couldn't figure out how to use him and eventually declined his rookie option. Since, Alexander's become much-improved while rounding out his game in the D-League -- even if it seems he may have lost some of the athleticism that made him a lottery pick in the first place.

Alexander has been quite busy this summer as he's already attended free agent workouts with the Thunder, Knicks, Nuggets and Grizzlies and an upcoming workout planned with the Hawks this week. That said, it'd be pretty crazy if Alexander ended up back in Milwaukee, but I'm fairly certain he'd be okay with it if that's his best opportunity.

Speaking of former NBA players attending free agent workouts this week, the Los Angeles Lakers are hosting prospective training camp invitees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Among those on the list that I've been made aware of are Bobby Brown, Bobby Simmons, Kevin Palmer, Jamelle Horne, Leo Lyons and J.R. Giddens. I should be able to find a full roster soon.

The Miami Heat are also holding a free agent workout beginning Monday, and while I have a partial list of prospects available, I'll post a full article as soon as I'm able to nail down a more complete list.