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By Bringing Brian Scalabrine Aboard, Benetton Treviso Is Hard Not To Like

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Benetton Treviso is a name plenty of American basketball fans have heard over the years. The team that sent Toni Kukoc, Bostjan Nachbar, Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Andrea Bargnani and Donatas Motiejunas to the NBA will now be taking some of the NBA's cult figures as the Italian team's roster currently includes Brian Scalabrine, Jeff Adrien and E`Twaun Moore.

Scalabrine is actually just with the team for a tryout right now, as Sportando Basket brought to my attention, but there really shouldn't be any doubt that his ability to do everything he's been doing in the NBA will translate to Europe, therefore allowing him to make the team.

Interestingly enough, if Google Translate isn't totally wonky, it almost seems as if signing Scalabrine was a bit of a publicity stunt while reading the team's official press release.

In all the clubs where he played was the idol of the fans, with choirs and custom fan club that made him a true player "cult" in the NBA, so that there are no videos dedicated to him on You Tube and facebook pages: the more he clicked the tune of over 78,000 fans, while another page with more than 8,000 contacts, says that "Brian Scalabrine has more rings (the" badges "of the NBA) LeBron James."

Welp, if it is, it's working.

With the addition of Scalabrine, Benetton is assembling a pretty solid roster of players that aren't anything to write home about, but are adulated nonetheless in America.

Adrien was the talk of the most recent D-League Showcase, ended up as the league's Impact Player of the Year and made me type JEFFADRIEN!!!1!! every time he did anything with the Golden State Warriors over the final month of the NBA season.

As far as Moore, he hasn't quite had the opportunity to show what he's capable of doing in the NBA as a second round pick in this year's draft, but I have to trust that the Boston Celtics front office -- which now includes former D-League head coach Austin Ainge -- isn't going to let the fans down. And, anyway, he made plenty of fans during his time as a Purdue Boilermaker.

Go Benetton(?)!