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The Madden Release Date Also Featured Rod Benson And The D-League Releasing Things

Monday was a pretty big day for releasing things. The newest Madden game came out, the D-League released an incomplete schedule and Korean All-Star Rod Benson released his newest music video.

My Playstation 3 is on the fritz, unfortunately, so I'll wait until I get that fixed this week to go out and buy Madden 12 -- which is apparently the smart thing to do anyway. That isn't all bad news, however, as it means I'll be able to spend more time on the rest of the things released in between Sunday evening and this morning.

The D-League's schedule isn't complete and therefore not especially relevant at the time -- especially considering there's no way of knowing match-ups to watch or anything else worth breaking down. We'll talk about that later, but first let's instead enjoy the newest music video from Team Boom Tho.

My favorite lyric is probably the "polliwog" mention, but the whole thing is pretty exceptional considering his first music video looked like this. Be sure to check out the Boom Tho Shop while paying special attention to the Swaggle Rock t-shirt if you're still confused about what to buy me for my birthday on September 23.

Now, on to the 2011-12 D-League schedule.

Unfortunately, it seems it isn't the final version considering the league hasn't released the dates or location for the annual D-League Showcase -- a typically four-day affair in one location where all of the NBA teams are able to gather and watch the call-up hopefuls do their thing. According to my sources, the league will eventually announce it to take place in Reno sometime in January.