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Iowa Energy's Brandon Ewing Sidelined With Hand Injury

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Iowa Energy PG Brandon Ewing hasn't been sidelined with an injury since his eighth grade season. Now, as a professional, he'll have to step aside due to an injury sustained Friday night.

Ewing could be out up to three weeks, according to the injured player himself, due to a dislocated right middle finger which he sustained just minutes into the third quarter during a 95-88 Iowa win.

"It was just one of those bang-bang plays," said Ewing. "I was trying to get a deep outlet like Coach (Young) wanted me to do to push the ball and the defender was right there. It was one of those freak basketball plays."

Ewing is averaging 13.3 PPG in nine games with the Energy.

"He's definitely a strong hand for us, but I have to coach who is out on the floor," said head coach Kevin Young. "We have guys who will be able to step in."

Due to the injury, the Energy picked up Nate Covington as a free agent.

"Whenever I get cleared to play, I'll be ready to go," said Ewing.