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It's Booker Time! Booker Woodfox Won D-League Showcase Three-Point Competition

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As some of you may or may not have known (if you've been following me over at FanHouse, you knew), I was in blustery South Padre Island, Texas, last week to cover the NBA Development League Showcase.

While there, I chatted with call-up prospects such as Trey Johnson (here) and Joe Alexander (here), watched 13 D-League games and then took note of the five call-up candidates that impressed me the most. I also ran into the crew of D-League refs doing karaoke in a bar, but that's a whole 'nother story.

What I haven't talk about yet, however, was the D-League's three-point and slam dunk competition. The dunk competition wasn't anything amazing, but the three-point contest was kind of average exciting confusing a typical three-point contest with atypical rules.

The rules were as follows: The 3-Point Contest will be a three-round competition, featuring several movable "Money Rack's" consisting of all "Money balls" and increased points awarded for shots made from deeper shooting spots. From the field of eight contestants participating in Round 1, the four players with the highest scores will move on to Round 2. The two players with the highest scores in Round 2 will then compete in Round 3. The player with the highest scorer in Round 3 will be the champion.

Continue reading to watch video and find out who won!

Confused yet? That's fine because all you really need to know is that the Texas Legends' Booker Woodfox won it.

Woodfox, a 6-foot-1 guard, has been quite the backup guard for Nancy Lieberman's Legends as he's averaging 12.7 points despite not starting any of the 21 games played so far this season. He also apparently loves MC Hammer since the PA announcer would play Hammer Time and then announce that it was "Booker Time" whenever it was Woodfox's turn to shoot.

According to data from Synergy Sports Technology, Woodfox ranks in the 90th percentile when it comes to offense -- which is rather impressive considering nearly 50 percent of his offensive looks come as spot-up opportunities (typically not the most efficient way to score the basketball). I'm not sure if the former Creighton Bluejay is a call-up candidate, but he could definitely start on a few D-League teams.

As a bonus, here's Woodfox dunking!