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Antoine Walker Officially Acquired By The Idaho Stampede

After about a week and a half of speculation, Antoine Walker has finally become an official member of the Idaho Stampede. Walker, a three-time NBA All-Star and 12-year NBA veteran, hasn't played in the NBA since the 2007-08 season but seems committed to returning to the NBA.

Most of the quotes from his press conference can be seen in the above story over at FanHouse, but I saved one special answer for the Ridiculous Upside readers.

Walker was asked what the differences between the D-League and the NBA are and, nicely, he answered with a chuckle.

The scores are a lot higher (laughs). Obviously, I think this league is a little different because you see a lot of guys come here for their own personal goals so sometimes when they're losing, it's not as important - that's probably the biggest difference that I've seen in the game. In the NBA game, it's about making the playoffs and winning championships and leaving a legacy where in the D-League it's a lot of individual play so that's what I'll have to adjust to a little bit.  One thing I learned in the NBA is that if you win, everybody reaps the rewards of winning so that's one thing that I can tell the guys "Let's win every night and we'll all reap the benefits of it with opportunities outside of the D-League because people like winners." I think that's one thing I can share.  Off the court, I can offer advice with whatever my teammates may need. I think in my last 13 years, I've experienced everything off the court basketball wise.

Read the rest of his quotes from the conference call here.

How do you think Walker will do in the D-League?