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Terrence Williams Was Assigned To D-League, Magnum Rolle Was Waived And Other Things Are Happening This Weekend

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First and foremost, I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. Second and secondmost, I don't really have any new ideas for all of my loyal Ridiculous Upside readers so instead I'll give you a roundup of what's going on around the NBA Development League in handy notes form.

The biggest story coming out since Wednesday's bullets is the news that the New Jersey Nets have 'demoted' Terrence Williams to the D-League's Springfield Armor. Typically, I'm outraged when media notes that a player has been "demoted' as opposed to "assigned" to the D-League, but in this case that's exactly what it is - a demotion.  It isn't to help Williams get better, it isn't to allow him to rehab from an injury, it isn't simply because he needs playing time and isn't quite ready to contribute to an NBA team; it's simply the Nets brass deciding to punish him by making him play in Springfield.

Over at my other domain, the lovely Aol FanHouse, myself and the venerable Matt Moore wrote quite a bit more on the topic of Williams' assignment. Read my piece first (because it's shorter) and then watch as Moore excellently rips apart the Nets decision-making abilities.

The other big news coming out today is the fact that Magnum Rolle's injury was serious enough that the Maine Red Claws were forced to waive him for the time being.  The Red Claws have had terrible luck with injuries, but great luck when it comes to working the waiver wire (THEY ACQUIRED JORDAN EGLSEDER!) so I also talked to friend of the blog Jon Jennings about that issue if you're in the mood to read about that.

"What else are you going to pimp that you wrote elsewhere, Scott" would probably be a valid question right now, but I don't have anything else to pimp so I'll just relay a few small bit of information.

D.J. Strawberry has returned to the Reno Bighorns after not playing since being released by the New Orleans Hornets this preseason.  That team is really, really talented.

There are a lot of games on Futurecast tonight so if you're bored, watch them. I plan to attend the Dakota Wizards - Sioux Falls Skyforce game so I might have a report on that pending what I do following the game and if it clouds my memory at all.

Good talk.