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Thanksgiving Weekend Is Here; So Are D-League Links

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Honestly, nobody probably realizes how hard I tried working a food reference into that headline.  I was going to go with D-League Digestibles, but D-League Digest already has that on lockdown. Then I was going to go with (Sausage) links, but nobody eats sausage links on Thanksgiving so I thought that would've been kind of stupid. Then I was going to say something about turkey, but that didn't work either.  So, sorry for the boring headline.

Now, onto things more important than a look inside my brain on a Wednesday afternoon, I bring you everything you need to know about the D-League that's happened this week.

No games until Friday in the D-League, kids, so heed Barney's advice (first minute of this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother) tonight, enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon, don't break anything during football tomorrow night and always remember to beat the beat up.