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Charles Barkley Still Knows Nothing ... About The D-League

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Charles Barkley has never been known to be the smartest guy in the world, especially when it comes to the NBA Development League.

This was probably best documented by me over at FanHouse when he decided the D-League wouldn't result in more than one or two or ten or fifteen players called up last season.

"They're not baby -- those guys aren't going to play in the league," Barkley said. "Dude, guys in the D-League are not going to play in the league. Yeah, there's going to be one or two here or there, but let's be realistic. I bet you -- Jeff [Pomeroy] (Senior Director of Public Relations at Turner Sports) could find out or Chico could find out -- I bet you there haven't been over ten, fifteen guys who got called up all year."

Well, in the end, there were 40 call-ups from the D-League to the NBA involving 27 different players. Still, he'd rather "young black kids" be fathers and get their education rather than playing in the D-League (which is wrong on so many levels).

"I'm just telling you, there's probably been five to ten, fifteen -- see, I look at the big picture. I want these kids getting their education. They've got to go on with their lives," Barkley qupped. "This has a huge effect on young, black kids especially, as far as being fathers. They're not making any money in the D-League. You end up doing that for X amount of years, and it messes up the family structure."

So that's why the above video, featuring Barkley alongside Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson trying to guess D-League team names, probably didn't surprise you.