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Memphis Grizzlies Waive Three Players, None Of Which Were Josh Davis

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Josh Davis, former Colorado 14er and current (for now) Memphis Grizzlies forward.
Josh Davis, former Colorado 14er and current (for now) Memphis Grizzlies forward.

The Memphis Grizzlies waived Luke Jackson, Kenny Thomas and Tre Kelley according to The Memphis Commercial Appeal. Not exactly mind-blowing stuff, but it does mean that both Josh Davis and Damien Wilkins have made the first cut, something the rest of the dudes people in my 'Josh Davis Fans Anonymous' club will surely enjoy.

It's a bit disappointing that Luke Jackson wasn't able to make it, but Xavier Henry finally being signed probably alleviates the shooting need that the Grizzlies brought him in to fill.  Still, the 10th overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft probably deserves to occupy an NBA roster spot simply because there are plenty of teams that could use high basketball I.Q. players who can shoot the lights out from beyond the arc.

Kenny Thomas, well, he's 33 and has played just 57 games over the past three seasons with the Sacramento Kings so I'm not sure he has too many options left in the NBA simply because he's become almost too injury prone to be counted on as a mid-season injury replacement.  Fun fact? He's made $54,613,164 over the course of his NBA careerso if he wants to retire now, he probably can quite comfortably.

Tre Kelley's full name is Alfrie Eugene Kelley, but he goes by Tre and I can tell you why - Alf hasn't been cool since the 90's.  Hopefully he was cleared to play for the Memphis Grizzlies and not involved in a messy situation like 2008 when he got into a situation by going to training camp with the Miami Heat when he was still under contract in Greece (I love history lessons).  I have no idea what his plans are this season, but considering he's been in training camps (and then cut) the past three seasons, it might be time to give the NBA Development League a quick shot to see if he can put up numbers and get a call-up by the time 10-day contracts come along.  If not, he can always return to Eurasia.

The Grizzlies could, potentially, keep either Davis or Wilkins on the roster without having to release any of their other players so maybe this will be something to keep any eye on - for what it's worth, Davis played 13:28 last game and had the highest +/- (+14) while grabbing six points and grabbing five boards while Wilkins got a DNP-Coaches Decision.