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Washington Wizards Release Kevin Palmer

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Kevin Palmer's the player on the right. John Wall is the player on the left.  If I ever meanmug with Wall, that'll be my <a href="!/kpalmer15" target="new">Twitter profile picture</a> as well.
Kevin Palmer's the player on the right. John Wall is the player on the left. If I ever meanmug with Wall, that'll be my Twitter profile picture as well.

The Washington Wizards released rookie small forward Kevin Palmer on Thursday, reducing their training camp roster to 17 players including fellow training camp invitees Cartier Martin, Adam Morrison, Lester Hudson and Sean Marks. Though the Wizards have not yet posted a press release on their website announcing Palmer's release, they did remove him from the game notes for tonight's game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Palmer, a 6-foot-6 swingman out of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, appeared in just one preseason game for the Wizards this fall, grabbing a single rebound in four minutes of action.  Nothing impressive there, but Palmer's performance in the Wizards last Vegas Summer League game - where he made 8-of-14 field goal attempts on his way to 21 points and eight rebounds - is probably what earned him his training camp invitation.

I really have no background on Palmer, so luckily Draft Express's Kyle Nelson has a scouting report on him that was written following this year's Portsmouth Invitational.

Though he has a very skinny and undeveloped upper body, he has good size for the wing at 6'6. His style of play is heavily reliant on his athleticism, from running the floor well in transition to making an impact with his physical tools on the defensive end. While his defensive fundamentals are not great, he has some intriguing things to work with and should only get better with continued coaching and increased strength.


Palmer is very much an incomplete player at this point and, like Edwin Ubiles, has the potential to transform into a much better player down the road. He will have ample opportunities to develop as a role player the D-League or Europe as he showed some intriguing potential in college and at Portsmouth.

Seeing as Nelson suggests the D-League as a suitable option for Palmer, it will be interesting to see if he decides that developing in Dakota - the Wizards D-League affiliate - makes sense for him career-wise.