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Steve Gansey Officially Named Fort Wayne Mad Ants' Assistant Coach

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The Fort Wayne Mad Ants announced Monday that Steve Gansey, brother of Mike Gansey, has been named assistant coach for the 2010-2011 season. This will be Gansey's second year with the team, as he served as a volunteer assistant under head coach Joey Meyer during the 2009-2010 season.

I believe I mentioned this on Twitter quite some time ago, but now it's official and I'm always happy to show some love to the Gansey family tree (What up, Mrs. Mazzella?).  The Gansey's are notorious gym rats and I've heard nothing but good things about Steve - and he's got Mad Ants president Jeff Potter gushing about him as well.

"I am extremely excited to have someone as talented as Steve Gansey join our staff. Steve is smart, passionate, and has a work ethic that is second to none," Mad Ants President Jeff Potter said in a press release. "He is one of the top young coaches in our league, and he was a huge part of our strong finish last season. He and Joey make a fantastic coaching staff, and I feel our basketball team is in great hands."

Rumor has it that Rod Wilmont has been in Fort Wayne working with Steve all summer so we should be able to see his player development abilities in action when the D-League season tips off next month.

For bonus coverage featuring Steve, here's brother Mike telling us about Steve's rap battles with former Austin Toro Luke Bonner, here are a couple of his look-a-likes and here Mike includes Steve along with new Utah Flash head coach Kevin Young and new Idaho Associate head coach Joel Abelson as the top assistant coaches in the league.  Looks like Mike knows what he was talking about.