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NBA Draft 2010: Is It Time To Expand To A Third Round? + Top Undrafted Prospects

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Neither of these guys got drafted.  I presume Jon Scheyer saw this coming, which is why he's slapping Brian Zoubek.
Neither of these guys got drafted. I presume Jon Scheyer saw this coming, which is why he's slapping Brian Zoubek.

[Note by Scott Schroeder, 06/26/10 12:57 AM CDT ]  Check below the jump - lots of Summer League invites out already that I found for you.

Thursday night's NBA Draft featured what was probably the most ridiculous second round anyone could have ever predicted.  Not only were there players that were picked way too high (what up, Andy Rautins) or way too low (sorry about lupus or whatever you have, Solomon Alabi), but it was just a really confusing second round.

I mean, seriously, what's a Ryan Reid (a linebacker that plays basketball, apparently).

Anyway, let's get to the title of this post - expanding to a third round.  Does it sound ridiculous due to all of the penny-pinching teams are currently involved in anyway? As we sit half-hungover this morning from overdosing on draft coverage over the past month, it does - yes.   But let's pretend the third round picks would just be used a la baseball - straight to the D-League, but the team that drafts a player gets to keep their rights.

Now it makes sense, baby.

But Scott, you're ridiculous! There aren't nearly enough players that would make 30 more draft picks worth the trouble of us listening to that awkward guy talk about socks and blisters with Derrick Favors!  Oh but there are, young child, and a third round would make those "eh, he's barely average right now but maybe he will be great someday" picks make more sense while proven players could fill the second round.

After the jump I've listed the players I wouldn't have been shocked to be drafted (like I was when Ryan Reid was drafted) that will more than likely get a chance at a Vegas Summer League team.  Notice there's more than 30 and it doesn't include European players (due to my assumption that they probably won't come over for Summer League, not because they wouldn't be drafted).



  • Manny Harris - The combo-guard out of Michigan has the talent to play in the NBA, but not so much the head.  Regardless, he was one of the surprise players that went undrafted.  He appears headed to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Sylven Landesberg - He played two seasons in the ACC and averaged over 16 points and five rebounds as a 6-foot-6 shooting guard.  I realize he might not be the top character guy, but at 20-years-old there's no reason he went undrafted.  He'll play for the Sacramento Kings in Las Vegas.
  • Denis Clemente -  The Kansas State shooter is pretty undersized, but he also has a pretty sweet stroke.  I'm surprised his NCAA Tournament performance didn't get an NBA decison-maker excited.  Clemente will play for the Charlotte Bobcats in Vegas.
  • Aubrey Coleman - Coleman enough holes in his game that I can understand GM's not being high on him.  But then I look at the Houston senior and remember he averaged 25.6 points and 7.4 rebounds as a 6-foot-3 shooting guard.  Give the streetballer a chance.  Coleman is expected to play for the New Orleans Hornets in Vegas.
  • Ryan Thompson - You know what I know about Thompson? He's Jason Thompson's brother.  And after averaging 15+ points and 5+ boards the past three seasons at Rider, you'd think that'd be enough.  He'll play with his brother on the Sacramento Kings Summer League team and for the Boston Celtics in Orlando.


  • Elijah Millsap - Remember how so many NBA teams are disappointed in missing out on Paul Millsap? They're going to think the same thing about his younger brother.  His agent, Ara Vartanian, says Millsap will be playing for the Detroit Pistons in Vegas.
  • Tyren Johnson - Johnson stood out at the Portsmouth Invitational and averaged 18 points and 8 boards on his way to becoming the Sun Belt Conference Player of the Year.  Johnson will play for Charlotte in Orlando and Sacramento in Las Vegas.
  • Tyler Smith - Got kicked off the Tennessee basketball team after being caught with weapons and such, but then buggered off to Turkey where he averaged 16.8 points, 6.8 boards and 4.1 assists while shooting 53% from the field and 42% from beyond the arc.  There's some talent there if the off-the-court stuff can be reined in.
  • DeShawn Sims - Another undrafted player out of Michigan, but it wasn't because of lack of production in the Big Ten.  Sims averaged 16.8 points and 7.6 boards as a tweener.  Sims will play for the Celtics in Orlando.
  • Raymar Morgan - I might only pay attention to Raymar Morgan because one of my friends is a huge Michigan State fan, but he did do the dirty work on some pretty good Michigan State teams.  He will play for the Washington Wizards in Vegas.



Rookies not on the initial list that I put together that have Summer League Invites: