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Fran Fraschilla Is Not A Fan Of Chukwudiebere Maduabum

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Fran Fraschilla is an ESPN College Basketball Analyst and former coach at Manhattan, Saint John's and New Mexico, according to his Twitter biography. Not listed there, however, is that ESPN's European expert is not a fan of the D-League.

Fraschilla took to Twitter on Monday night to discuss that fact, writing that the Los Angeles Lakers selection of Chukwudiebere Maduabum's selection with the 56th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft was "disrespectful."

Didn't chime in draft night but disrespectful that good college players do 15 workouts for teams get passed up for guy averaging .7 in NDBL.

I'm not necessarily ready to defend Maduabum's skills on the court considering he simply hasn't played enough professional basketball stateside to judge him one way or the other, but considering he worked out for the Denver Nuggets, that should discount half of Fraschilla's argument right off the bat.

The Nuggets brokered a draft night trade for Maduabum, with the details at the preceding link, after general manager Masai Ujiri drafted the player he apparently discovered in his home country of Nigeria. That's not to say there weren't players with better resumes available at that point of the night, but considering Maduabum worked out for the Nuggets and Ujiri was obviously familiar with his play, Fraschilla's argument rings a bit hollow.

For the record, Mr. Fraschilla, the acronym 'NBDL' hasn't been used by the D-League since 2005.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, Chu Chu does have Twitter.