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Lanny Smith: "Trying to have that Jerry West on my chest"

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Idaho Stampede point guard Lanny Smith driving to the bucket on NBA Affiliate Night last season.
Idaho Stampede point guard Lanny Smith driving to the bucket on NBA Affiliate Night last season.

Since I know people tire of my writing, I contacted former Idaho Stampede point guard (and Sacramento Kings pre-season playerLanny Smith to give the D-League faithful an update on what he's been doing since his injury back in January.  Smith's come back from a season-ending injury before (while playing his college ball at Houston) and I have no doubt he'll be able to come back from this, as good, then better, than ever. 

First and foremost I have to give a big shout out to my guy Scott for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings here on RU. I'm used to the micro-blogging of facebook and Twitter (shameless plug in 3...2...1) - which you can follow me on Twitter - but this will be my first official blog.

So where do I start? A quick update about my injury and rehab: I am about a month out of surgery and I'm doing rehab five days a week. I had a cartilage repair after playing about a month and a half with torn articular cartilage. Right now rehab is really boring because I'm still in the non weight bearing stage and am limited in what I can do. I'm still waiting to get the DVD of the game of the injury so I can find out who it was that fell into my knee and then proceed to plan my revenge! (JUST A JOKE)... Injuries are a part of the game and I just happened to be on the bad end of this collision. I'll be back soon.

I've read studies and heard about how your attitude can affect your healing: From cancer patients to people with life threatening injuries.  It was amazing to see the correlation between having a positive attitude and the way it can inexplicably help healing and in some cases even speed up the process. I personally have been leaning on my faith to help keep me positive and I know I will be back soon and better than ever. I truly believe I am getting so close to realizing my dream of making it to the NBA so I don't have any time to throw a pity party. I mean, I have enjoyed my D-League experience, but I'm trying to have that Jerry West on my chest.

Oh yeah, your boy Lanny Smith, aka LBoogie, is now also known as a Guiness Book of World Records holder... kind of.  I was in attendance this past weekend at the NBA All-Star game in Dallas and I was 1 of the 108,713 fans that made up the largest crowd ever to watch a basketball game in the history of the world!! So I assume when I go visit my boy Morris Almond in Springfield, I should see my picture somewhere at the Basketball Hall of Fame. But seriously, it was a beautiful sight to see all those people in Cowboys stadium to see the game of basketball.

I love this game, but in my pursuit of trying to be one of the select few to be fortunate enough to play in the NBA, I forgot about how entertaining it is to just watch. Sunday at the All-Star game I was strictly a fan again. Basketball has always been my first love, and Sunday I fell in love with the game all over again. I guess that was fitting since it was also Valentines Day. I was a little down earlier about not having a valentine, but after watching that beautiful game of basketball, I guess I got to spend the night with my love anyway...