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REPORT: Austin's Dwayne Jones Headed To Dallas Mavericks

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Sources close to the situation told that the Mavericks will work out Dwayne Jones of the Austin Toros later Tuesday and sign him to a 10-day contract if they like what they see.

According to the venerable Marc Stein's most recent report, the Dallas Mavericks are bringing in Austin's Dwayne Jones this afternoon for a tryout followed by a likely 10-day deal.  Jones picked up quite a bit of NBA interest this week as I reported just yesterday that Jones was garnering heavy interest from the Washington Wizards, but it looks like the Mavericks were able to grab him first.

You're probably wondering why it took until the end of February for the NBA to call-up a guy currently averaging 16.8 points and 15.4 rebounds who has legit size (6'11", 250 pounds) and an NBA resume (played 80 games for Boston, Cleveland and Charlotte over the past four seasons).  Well, essentially, so am I.

  • Earlier in the season, I discounted his performances because he was dominating the likes of Kevin Pittsnogle, but as of late, he's been dominating players with NBA resumes.
  • Earlier in the season, I questioned if he was giving 100% of his effort, but I've come to the conclusion that if he can average 15 and 15 and not give it his all, he's worth being called-up.

For a more in-depth scouting report, check the report I gave Bullets Forever yesterday.  Essentially, the Mavericks are getting a big man who plays solid defense and attacks the offensive glass.

The most interesting part of Stein's story, however, is that the Mavericks apparently decided there wouldn't be many options for big men being bought out of their NBA contracts.  If they're correct, this could mean for a few more D-League call-ups before the season is complete.