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Highlights From Last Night In The D-League

I'm lazy, so you're not going to get my normal in-depth recaps.  In return, I will provide you with lots of youtubeage and an awesome new feature called "Line of the Night." Deal?

Erie BayHawks 114, Dakota Wizards 108 (Box Score)

  • Line of the night? Darnell Jackson - 14-of-22 to finish with 34 points and 12 boards.  I've been told he's headed back to Cleveland this morning to fill-in for an injured Shaquille O'Neal, so a dream match-up of him and Hasheem Thabeet in the D-League is not to be.
  • Favorite part of the highlights: Mike Gansey throwing down alley-oop's, kinda.

Reno Bighorns 118, Iowa Energy 100 (Box Score)

  • Line of the day (it was a 10:30 am game): Cezary Trybanski - 24 points on 10-of-11 shooting. Plus, he dunked on Pat Carroll, which is always exciting.
  • Courtney Sims had zero field goal attempts, but finished with six points.  Also, he bought out of his contract yesterday.  I'm not sure where he's headed, but we've seen the last of him in the D-League.
  • How boring is the guy who reads those highlights?


Idaho Stampede 119, Albuquerque Thunderbirds 110 (Box Score)

  • Line of the night: Andre Barrett - 23 points, 10 assists and just one turnover.
  • Losing team line of the night: Chad Toppert - 27 points, 4-of-7 from beyond the arc.
  • Albuquerque misses Carlos Powell. Judging from how elusive he was in the highlights, he doesn't miss them.  Or the camera man is terrible.

I couldn't find highlights for the other two games, but I'll still give you my Lines of the Night from them:

  • Fort Wayne @ Maine: Morris Almond had 40 points on 20 shots in a 25 point victory.
  • Springfield @ Tulsa: Larry Owens had 21 points, 13 boards, eight assists and five steals.