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Michael Sweetney Joins D-League's Erie BayHawks; Tag Team with John Bryant

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Sweetney Bryant
Sweetney Bryant

In what is almost certain to be the largest front court in basketball history, Mike Sweetney has joined the Erie BayHawks.  With the BayHawks, he'll team with the 6-foot-11, 300 pound rookie John Bryant to form the D-League's version of the Natural Disasters.

Since I've already broken down Sweetney's decision to play in the D-League, I'll just include some quick bullet points to round out this post.

  • Resident blogger Mike Gansey and Blake Ahearn are going to love running off screens from the big fellas.
  • It's a shame Erie's all but eliminated from the playoffs already, because this team (Ahearn-Gansey-Jackie Manuel-Sweetney-Bryant) could really do some damage.  Unfortunately, it's going to have to be in the role of the spoiler.
  • It seems Cleveland and Erie share a pretty close affiliation.  Since the Robert Traylor comeback didn't work out for the Cavs, think they asked Erie to give another big man a second chance?
  • I had a lot of trouble deciding if the Sweetney/Bryant tag team is more like the Nasty Boys or the aformentioned Natural Disasters.  I had no problem, however, deciding that if Gansey and Ahearn were to form a tag team, they'd be the Rockers (sans sad ending).
  • The Erie defense might not be pretty to watch.  While they have a lot of very capable scorers, there's going to be quite a few possible match up problems.