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Highlights From Last Night In The D-League, Featuring Blake Ahearn, Mike Gansey & John Bryant

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I'm helping with the Bismarck Tribune's coverage of the North Dakota State Class A Basketball Tournament, so I didn't watch any D-League games last night.  Typically, this would mean Jon L would handle recaps, but he's busy sexting with friends in Austin (excuse his typo - looks like he was driving when he tweeted that).

That said, I've provided you with the Erie BayHawks versus Albuquerque Thunderbirds highlights, featuring zero dunks from Mike Gansey but an amazing assist to him from Blake Ahearn.  I told you - they're as exciting as the Rockers!  Also, Albuquerque's trade of Kurt Looby for Trey Gilder showed to be a bad idea in this game - John Bryant had 28 points and 13 rebounds.  Albuquerque's starting center? Marcus Hubbard.  Ridiculous.