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2010 NBA Summer League Schedule Taking Shape

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June 15th UPDATE: Turns out a lot of this didn't come to fruition.

Go here for the Vegas Summer League Schedule.

Go here for the Orlando Summer League Schedule.

Go here for other random Summer League news.

The 2010 NBA Summer Leagues are less than four months away!

If you weren't aware, Ridiculous Upside switches your regular programming once the D-League season ends to the Summer League and the NBA Draft circuit.  Even without anything happening in the D-League, there are still players out there with Ridiculous Upside that you need to know about.

That said,'s Art Garcia has been tweeting lately about the 2010 NBA Summer League schedules, and well, I'm excited.

First, there will be four NBA Summer Leagues this July, up from two (Vegas and Orlando) last year:

NBA Summer Leagues: Vegas (July 9-18), Orlando (July 5-9), Utah (July 24-30), Chicago (July 11-15)

Wait, The Rocky Mountain Revue is back? And what's the deal with a Chicago Summer League? Garcia says:

RMR is back & Chicago SL is closed to public.

Which teams will be where? Well, we don't know that yet, but Garcia does have this informational tweet:

Vegas 20-22 teams, Orlando 6-8 teams, Utah 6 teams & Chicago 5 teams. Don't have specific teams yet.

Now all that's left is how I'm going to make sure I'm in attendance - if I were a millionaire (or even a thousandaire, actually), It'd be awesome to spend July in Orlando, then Vegas and finally Utah.  That said, I hope to at least be in Vegas again.