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NBA D-League Has A Record Amount Of Call-Ups This Season, Despite Showcase Criticism

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The D-League has had 32 NBA call ups this season.

That's simply incredible, considering Yahoo's Marc Spears wrote the following after attending the D-League Showcase in January:

Several NBA executives and scouts said that the talent at the NBA Development League's Showcase was the worst it has been since the event began in 2005.

I'm not sure if he was talking to the wrong NBA scouts or if the NBA is simply changing the thinking on calling D-League players up, but that statement sure doesn't make sense considering the amount of call ups that have gone from the D-League to the NBA this season.

Once they get there, they haven't fared terribly either - best evidenced by the performance of Reggie Williams and the Sundiata Gaines buzzer beater.

For what it's worth, Pro Basketball Talk's Rob Mahoney says:

the D-League is a valuable tool. It gives NBA teams an affordable avenue to fill rotation minutes in situations such as these, and gives good players NBA exposure. It's been the plan all along, and the D-League's success this year only hints at the further success to come.

What do you think? Were the scouts and executives wrong or is the NBA just finally figuring out that the D-League can produce, even if the talent isn't as great as it's been in the past?