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2010 D-League Playoff Preview: #1 Iowa Energy vs #7 Utah Flash - Game 2

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2010 Playoffs
2010 Playoffs

The second game of the series tips off tonight llive on Futurecast at 7 pm CT from Des Moines, Iowa.

Jon L picked the Utah Flash to win in two games, while me and Mike Gansey (I'm either titling a book that or that will be the name of our band) both picked the Iowa Energy to last until the third and deciding game before bowing out gracefully in the first round for the second year in a row.

The Flash defeated the Energy 107-76 in the first game of the series, making this game somewhat crucial for the Energy to come out with some (lower cased) energy.  In that game, Brian Hamilton stole the show for me by scoring 18 points and adding 12 rebounds along with four blocks and two steals in 26 minutes of action.  The Flash also got good contributions out of pretty much everyone not named Luke Nevill.  The Energy, on the other hand, struggled mightily with only Curtis Stinson playing well.

In keeping with Jon L's precedent for game two previews, I'll throw three things that each team needs to focus on to win tonight after the jump.

Iowa's first, since they're more pressing:

Get some production out of Taylor Griffin!  There is no way an NBA player on assignment should go scoreless in a blowout game in the D-League.  Absolutely no way.  Still, in 23 minutes of action, managed to miss all four shot attempts, all four free-throw attempts and grab two rebounds to go along with his four fouls.  That's it.   It grossed me out a bit.

Make shots: This isn't rocket science, but I'll include it anyway.  The Energy shot less than 37% from the field and an appalling 3-of-22 from beyond the arc.  While they're not the best 3-point shooting team, they're not terrible either and it seems that's their only way of winning.  So, make shots. This means you, Pat Carroll.

Be scrappy: You're out-talented, sure, but Utah shouldn't be able to out-scrap you. So? Don't let them. Stinson should be in Kevin Kruger's head from the get go.  Jeff Trepagnier should be irritating whomever he's put on right away.  Griffin, if nothing else, needs to show some dog - a little bit of fight.  Marvin Phillips? set the tone, buddy.

And for Utah:

Do what you did last game.  Specifically, it'd help if you can get Stinson to either pick up a couple of technicals or get him into some foul trouble.  Once you cut the head off the snake, the body isn't really that intimidating.  Not that the whole snake is even that intimidating, I guess, but without itt's leader it's a lot less potent.  I should not do metaphors.

That's only one key for Utah, but I think it's all they need.