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Texas Legends Roster Beginning To Take Shape For Inaugural D-League Season

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When I woke up while trying to recover from strep throat Monday morning, my prognosis for the Texas Legends roster included Moussa Seck, Eric Tramiel, Mouhammad Faye and whichever Los Angeles D-Fenders don't head overseas next season.

Before going to bed Monday night, however, I learned more about the Legends' ace in the hole, their playground... Legend (if you will): Draino.

Here's what we learned:

  • Nancy Lieberman basically says that Donnie Nelson will be making basketball decisions.
  • How they're going to win, according to the man, the myth (?), the Legend (?) J.R. Slagendorff is by "listening to the rap music."
  • Draino is a good man and loves barbecue.
  • Slagendorff says that Lieberman "knows basketball, knows what she's talking about." High praise if I've ever heard it.
  • Nancy is not afraid to mince words.
  • "It went awesome. It went great."
  • Last, but not least, "let me put it to you like this: Have you ever seen a salamander die of natural causes?"

For the record, I'm still working to find out if that Draino is "Mr. Draino" - the famous ""In Demand" neighbourhood plumber" out of Ontario, Canada.  As of now, the accent tells me "maybe."