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The Texas Legends Will Draft The Los Angeles D-Fenders Next Week. Excited?!

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I wonder why <a href="" target="new">J.R. Slagendorff</a> wasn't included in this picture?
I wonder why J.R. Slagendorff wasn't included in this picture?

The NBA Development League's new team, the Texas Legends, will take the first step towards formulating their roster for the upcoming 2010-11 season with the 2010 NBA D-League Expansion Draft.

The Expansion Draft pool will be comprised of 14 players from the 2009-10 "Returning Player List" from the Los Angeles D-Fenders, which will be on hiatus during the 2010-11 NBA D-League season. Of the 14, the Legends will select 10.

The above is from a press release I received in my inbox Thursday morning, but just decided to bring it to you now because I wasn't sure how to present it to my loyal subjects readers.  

I mean, do we really need to call it an expansion draft if it's just one team taking over another team's roster?  And if the D-Fenders are indeed coming back, do they get to do an expansion draft of the Legends' roster next offseason?  And if JWoww and Snooki wanted to be such good friends, why did they write that note to Sammi when they knew it would just cause drama in the Jersey Shore house?

Even though I don't have any definitive answers to my previous questions (I'm guessing "no", "no" and "I hope we find out next week"), I do have the 14 players that the Legends will be able to pick their 10 from:

Player Pos. Ht. Wt. College

Keith Clark F 6-8 245 Oklahoma
Joe Crawford G 6-5 210 Kentucky
Michael Fey C 7-0 270 UCLA
Ryan Forehan-Kelly G/F 6-6 195 California
Gabriel Hughes C 7-0 240 California
Lawrence McKenzie G 6-2 190 Minnesota
James Peters F 6-8 215 UNLV
Ray Reese F 6-5 210 Tulsa
Frank Robinson G 6-4 220 Cal-State Fullerton
Diamon Simpson F 6-7 230 St. Mary's (CA)
Dar Tucker G 6-4 205 DePaul
Rodney Webb F 6-7 240 Florida Atlantic
Horace Wormely G 5-7 160 Vanguard
James Wright G 6-1 185 Colorado

If you want to know how I'd "draft" them, keep reading.

  1. Joe Crawford - He'll probably be invited to an NBA training camp, but if he doesn't make it, I think it'd behoove him to come back to the D-League at least until call-ups happen.
  2. James Peters - Peters is a versatile D-League veteran.  He's definitely not a defender, but can create enough matchup problems on the offensive end that he's worth picking up since he hasn't signed overseas yet.
  3. Dar Tucker - Tucker is still young - and pretty raw - but his athleticism won't hurt Nancy Lieberman's squad. Plus, he's probably a lock to come back to the D-League which isn't guaranteed for many of the players on this list.
  4. Ryan Forehan-Kelly - Because I would hate to lose my favorite RFK supporter/commenter, gpralph.
  5. Gabriel Hughes - Anytime you can bring a 7-footer who can rebound and play defense onto a D-League team, you do it.
  6. Keith Clark - I believe Keith Clark was waived due to injury last season, but don't remember the exact injury. Since he hasn't signed yet, might as well put him on the list of prospective players Texas can bring to camp.
  7. Rodney Webb - Webb wasn't a standout player with either Bakersfield or LA last season, but he's still available and could be a useful training camp body if nothing else.
  8. Frank Robinson - Robinson would have been a great player for the Legends, but he's already playing over in Israel.  Still, may as well grab his rights just in case.
  9. Michael Fey - Fey's the offensive version of Hughes, but recently signed in Japan.
  10. Diamon Simpson - Best player on the list, but odds are he probably won't play in the D-League next season since he's already signed in Turkey.

Why would the Legends select three players that are already signed overseas instead of a player that could contribute right away, you ask?  Because if those players do decide to come back, the Legends would be wise to have the option of adding them to their roster - or trading them - instead of "drafting" a player that would be easily replaced in the actual D-League Draft.