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Texas Legends Complete D-League Expansion Draft; Now Have Mookie Wright's Rights

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The Texas Legends, the NBA Development League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks, completed their expansion "draft"  Monday with the results being announced this afternoon.

The only surprise from my projection of what head coach Nancy Lieberman and company would do was the selection of James "Mookie" Wright instead of Rodney "I used to look like this but now I look like this" Webb.  The other players picked up in the draft were Joe Crawford, Diamon Simpson, Dar Tucker, Michael Fey, Ryan Forehan-Kelly, Gabriel Hughes, Frank Robinson, James Peters, and Keith Clark.

This doesn't mean that these players will play for the Legends this season, just that if they decide to play in the D-League this season, they'll play for the Legends.  Essentially, the Legends are now caught up with every other team in that they have a list of returning players that have yet to decide (in most cases) if they'll actually return.

I would expect a maximum of five of these players to actually end up going to camp with the Legends because Simpson, Fey, Robinson and Forehan-Kelly are already signed overseas and I would assume Crawford will either end up in the NBA or Europe before all is said and done.  This doesn't mean that they won't eventually play for the Legends, however, as numerous players have been able to pick up a couple of paychecks in Europe before returning to the comfy confines of the D-League in search of the elusive call-up.

As the team's press release noted, "Now that the Legends have made their draft picks, the players must sign with the D-League in order to truly be Legends."

I wonder what this means for Draino.