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Atlanta Hawks' Draft Pick Pape Sy Completes Buyout, Could Play In The NBADL Next Season

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Atlanta Hawks second-round draft pick Pape Sy appears to finally be coming to America as his French team recently posted on their website that they have reached a successfully reached a buyout with Sy and the Hawks.

The Chairman of the STB Le Havre confirms that an agreement has been reached between the club, Pape Sy and the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) to release the player to whom he was one year contract.

Typically this wouldn't be D-League worthy news, but I am holding out hope that the Hawks could possibly be bringing Sy over to play in the NBA Development League until the 22-year-old guard is ready to contribute to the big club.  Plus, judging from his stats in France last season and this odd-soundtracked highlight video, I have determined that the guard has Ridiculous Upside.

Why would I assume that the Hawks, who are notoriously bad at using the D-League, will now suddenly turn over a new leaf and pay a player's European buyout just so that he can develop in America?  Because that's what they said the plan was before the NBA Draft.

"I think we will get a piece," he said. "I don't think we will necessarily get a rotational piece. We can get a player who after some seasoning can stay in the NBA for a while, that can make a career out of it. If we can keep our roster intact I don't see a lot of playing time. It will be a situation where we take advantage of our D-League affiliate."

I know the Hawks aren't the most trustworthy team in the NBA under their current ownership, but let's hope they give Sy - and the D-League - a decent chance at developing.  And, as the 53rd overall pick in the draft, developing is probably needed.