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If Kobe Bryant Nixes Turkey, The Rochester RazorSharks Are Waiting For Him

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Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player so it makes sense that he's looking for opportunities to practice his craft for the upcoming season even after the NBA has locked him out. In fact, the Los Angeles Laker is rumored to be meeting with Besiktas this weekend to talk about playing in Turkey next season.

If Bryant and his representatives aren't able to come to an agreement to pair the shooting guard with fellow NBA All-Star Deron Williams overseas next year, however, there are plenty of other locales willing to allow the Black Mamba to do what he does until the NBA reconvenes.

The weirdest option, even weirder than Ron Artest seriously looking at playing in Britain next season, is taking his talents to the Rochester RazorSharks of the Premier Basketball League. The PBL is probably the second best minor league in America -- which is saying very little about the state of professional basketball stateside -- but they're doing their part to keep themselves relevant

The four-team league recently holding a locked out players draft just in case NBA players want to play for peanuts this fall against competition not nearly as talented as the Drew League and the like.

I would write more, but there's a better chance I play in the PBL this season than Bryant teaming up with fellow draft picks Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire up in Rochester.