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Why Allen Iverson Should Reconsider The D-League Route

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Allen Iverson has crept his way back into hoops headlines. Iverson is due to take part in an exhibition rendezvous through China, set to take place from mid to late October. The exhibitions will also feature former NBA'er Jason "White Chocolate" Williams and street ball legends The Professor and Bone Collector.

Iverson has made it clear that he would like to still find a spot on a NBA roster. However, if he cannot find any suitors, then he will likely take his talents to China. What Iverson should really do is ditch his newly discussed Chinese basketball ambitions, and work his way back to The Association via the D-League. Take the jump to find out why...

Back in February, it was Iverson who flirted with the idea of making his NBA comeback through the D-League, but then double backed. D-League headlines will be difficult to surpass from a season ago with Linsanity, but the former NBA M.V.P. would topple Lin's story if he swallowed a bit of pride and carved out his would be NBA return by spending some time in a NBA Development League uniform.

When The Answer returned to Philadelphia last season for the Sixers' Game 6 against the Boston Celtics, fans welcomed the notoriously gritty scorer with a raucous applause much to his delight. Iverson is a once in a generation player. Fans can connect easily with him. His small stature yet incredible heart, and willingness to do battle in the trenches, is easy to gravitate towards.

So why not give the D-League a shot? Iverson would surely garner a positive spotlight from the fans if he were able to communicate his passion for the game, and humbly accept a roster spot in the NBA D-League. (Note to A.I.'s people, the Sioux Falls Skyforce are the D-League affiliate for the Philadelphia 76ers) The league's youngest coach (Joel Abelson) working with what would be the league's most famous player and 8-years his I tell you!

Put down the English to Mandarin dictionary, A.I., and get in contact with a D-League's the right thing to do!