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Scout's Eye: Toros' Guards Flip Murray & Myck Kabongo Worth Following in Austin

Despite being out of the playoff race, the Toros have two guards NBA teams should pay attention to in Flip Murry and Myck Kabongo.

Gregory Shamus

The Austin Toros are currently out of playoff contention in the NBA D-League. Still, the 17-28 affiliate of the San Antonio Spurs has several players that could receive a late-season NBA call-ups.

Flip Murray G 6'3" 225 9-14-79 (34) Shaw

Murray is a veteran shooting guard with a wiry, muscular build. He is an efficient player, who makes things look easy. The 6'3" Murray can play on the ball or off of it.. He shows a solid mid-range pull-up from both sides of the floor. Murray, currently averaging 21.5 points, 4.2 assists, and 4.3 rebounds, also displays the ability to slash to the basket and finish well. He is someone who plays like a veteran - good poise, instincts, and makes things easy in general.

The 34-year-old Murray would be a solid guard at the NBA level that can hit the pull-up jumper and knock down shots in catch-and-shoot situations. He is a solid veteran guy that could fill a role with an NBA club. Playoff-bound teams may want to take a look, especially once they've had good looks at younger/prospect-type 10-day guys. Murray is someone that could be insurance for a veteran/win-now type of team. While he's not the typical D-League player with "upside", he is a conservative "what you see is what you get" type of player that would provide insurance for a playoff-bound team.

Myck Kabongo G 6'3" 180 1-12-92 (22) Texas

Kabongo is a shooting guard with a lanky frame and some muscle definition; physically resembles Rajon Rondo in terms of body type. The 6'3" Kabongo is energetic with good quickness; can get to the rim effectively and shoot the three. Kabongo plays with energy and gives a positive vibe in general while on the floor. He's not a point guard, although he has been utilized in that role a bit. Kabongo's decision-making was good at times but lacked consistency. While he's not a volume scorer (9.1 points per game on the season), Kabongo showed the ability to knock down the open three.

His offensive skills play up due to athleticism. A combination of three-point shooting ability, athleticism, ability to get to the rim, and defensive abilities make him someone that this writer feels teams should keep an eye one. At his age (22), he is worth following.

Kabongo's athleticism was very evident through his actions. He is trying to improve his catch-and-shoot game and become a more aggressive scorer. Kabongo must get better balance while catching off various situations; tends to be too high when catching, thus throwing balance off and leaving shot short; improvement at this would improve consistency. While Kabongo is certainly an underdog for an NBA call-up, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.