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Potential NBA D-League Prospects Starting To Get Offered Contracts For Upcoming Season

Though we're still in the middle of the summer, the NBA D-League has begun to follow up with potential minor league prospects about offering them draft eligibility contracts.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who pays attention understands that basketball never truly stops. Even in the offseason, there is scouting to be done and future plans to be made.

Early last month, the NBA D-League held its annual national tryouts in the heart of New York City. Though the audition took place merely weeks following the NBADL Finals, the minor league didn't waste any time before looking forward to its upcoming season.

And with that in mind, it isn't surprising to see some of the tryout's most intriguing prospects receive the promise of an NBADL contract in the weeks to come.

Although such pacts won't be officially issued until sometime in September, the D-League has begun reaching out to those prospects deserving of contracts representing draft eligibility, sources tell

By impressing at the national tryout, the aforementioned prospects have earned themselves the right to be thrust into the player pool for the 2014 NBADL Draft, which will take place in November. Unlike most sports, the players sign a (general) contract with the league itself, rather than an individual team.

But alas, teams have begun making preliminary moves as well. In addition to signing a contract with the league following the national tryout, another way to catch on in the D-League is by impressing a team at a more localized tryout.

After holding a small handful of local tryouts this coming fall, D-League teams will have the right to offer training camp contracts/invitations to a select few prospects who impress during that respective process. To ensure the true cream of the crop also attends such auditions, teams have been following up with the players who caught their eye during national tryouts, further inviting them to come out to the local ones.

By signing a contract with the league, players will be eligible to be selected by any team willing to take a chance on them. But should they attend a local tryout held by an individual team, that squad can choose to snatch such an individual up for themselves with an exclusive training camp invite. This clearly gives them an advantage.

Nevertheless, the wheels are in motion and planning has begun for the upcoming season. It's certainly an exciting time in the life of a potential D-League prospect.