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Former Texas A&M Aggie Jamal Jones To Join NBA D-League

The NBA Development League has landed another player from the college ranks in former Texas A&M Aggie Jamal Jones.

Kevin C. Cox

Jamal Jones will be signing with the NBA Development League in order to boost his stock for the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft. He considered transferring to another school after leaving the Aggies after his junior season, but opted to play in the D-League instead. Jones coming to the NBADL is another positive move as the NBA's little brother is beginning to prove that they can provide richer grounds for prospects compared to college programs. Education is always the main focus, but if a player has his sights set on the NBA, spending a season in the D-League and adjusting to playing basketball full time can be a valuable experience.

This is where the D-League starts to make sense for a player like Jamal Jones. He's been to three different schools since 2011 and was looking for another home for his final year. Though it's hard to decipher the specifics of all of those moves, it doesn't sound like a comfortable situation for Jones or anyone involved. The fact that he will be able to focus on basketball for a season before the 2015 NBA Draft should be a fresh of breath air for Jones.

So, who exactly is Jamal Jones, and why has he been such a nomad in his collegiate career?

Jamal Jones is a 6'8" swingman that just came off his most successful NCAA season with the Aggies. The 6'8' product produced 13.4 points and 4.1 rebounds for A&M, knocking down 37% of his 3-pt attempts (6.6 per game). He spent his freshman season at Ole Miss, but only averaged 5.0 minutes per game and played a total of 25 minutes for the season, before he was dismissed from the program for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

Digging deeper into the story, it appears that Jones was dismissed from Ole Miss for an incident with marijuana. Jones was at a friends house when the police smelled pot and came in. The police arrested one his Jones' teammates for possession of drug paraphernalia. Jones was never charged, but he was dismissed from the team.

After the dismissal, Jones played at a Texas JUCO by the name of Lee College during his sophomore year, averaging 18 points and 5.3 boards at Lee College, before signing on with Texas A&M. After a bunch of circulation as to why Jones was leaving A&M, Jones took to Twitter to say his peace. Jones revealed that he left the Aggies by choice and that it had something to do with the firing of assistant Glynn Cyprien among other things.

A trip on Jamal Jones' Twitter account reveals that he's been considering the D-League for some time:

If he can avoid distractions and keep his head straight for a season, then he will be able to take full opportunity of Jones' upcoming D-League experience. Regardless of the outcome, this is a step forward for the NBADL as it lands another former college prospect.