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Exploring Chris Jent's Hopeful Strategy In New Season With Bakersfield Jam

Here's a look at a video Q&A with new Bakersfield Jam head coach Chris Jent.

NBAE/Getty Images

A quick Q&A with new Bakersfield Jam head coach Chris Jent from the team's main page can be found below.

<iframe width="420" height="305" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Coach Jent obviously will attack this new venture already boasting a boatload of coaching experience on the NBA level as both a head and assistant coach. The arrival of a coach with such a resume is an ever unique one, but surely Jent, the D-League, and his players will all stand to benefit from it as well.

Whether Jent hopes to use this as an opportunity to get back into the NBA, or perhaps he simply views this as a refreshing opportunity to serve as head coach once again and be the general who has the final say and calls the shots from the sidelines for a change (a la Phil Weber and the Skyforce last season) --- that remains to be seen. Either way, he's the right man for the job, having not only coached some of the games biggest stars in a player like LeBron James (and others), but also having also endured a very similar grind himself as an NBA vet and international journeyman.

He understands quite well the resilience, determination, and effort it requires (and the toll it sometimes subsequently takes) on these minor league athletes. If there's anyone who can motivate them all from first hand experience, it's him.

The video above is a rather simple one --- short and sweet. Still, it gives readers and fans alike a decent idea of Jent's personality, immense background, and arguably some insight as to his potential coaching style in Bakersfield.