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Could Brandon Triche Turn Up In The NBA D-League?

Here's why there's perhaps a chance Brandon Triche could turn up in the NBA D-League in an unexpected way.

Rob Carr

After undergoing an allograft procedure in hopes of repairing his ruptured knee, former Syracuse stud Brandon Triche is currently in the midst of a timeline that will keep him sidelined up to a year. His procedure was done this past March.

"After nine months, you feel really good, and after 12 months, I can play," Triche told earlier this month when discussing his future.

Though he initially planned to continue his career overseas, it looks as though Triche may remain stateside during his rehab to work out with well-known NBA trainer and former player/coach John Lucas.

In the past, Triche was perhaps hesitant to head to the D-League, knowing full well he could earn himself a more respectable living via a lucrative international contract. And while a player of his abilities could easily find himself a spot on a respectable high-level team in Europe, he did go on to say, "I kind of want to be in the USA, no matter what level that is."

In the summer of 2014, Triche spent NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with the local New York Knicks. Earning a living in Europe would seemingly be easy for him when healthy, but if he wants to remain in the minds and in front of the eyes of NBA scouts and executives alike, the D-League is the obvious way to go.

While there do not appear to be any plans to necessarily rush his rehab during this allocated timeline, there may very well be an unique window of opportunity, should things progress better than expected. Should Triche be closer to being in game-shape, by say, mid-February, perhaps he could try his hand at playing in the NBADL. This would allow him to test out his knee on a competitive playing-field, while at the same type, doing so in front of NBA decision-makers. It could prove to be a win-win situation, especially as Triche eyes a potential gig for the summer in just a few months to follow.

Excelling in the D-League would go a long way towards proving he's healthy enough to make his splash and go on to impress. If he needs inspiration or an example to follow, he could look no further than Canton Charge guard Brandon Paul. Though, he too, has had to battle a handful of injuries since turning pro, Paul made his mark in a big way at different points during the season for Canton. Perhaps Triche could follow suit.

Both players would stand to make decent money in Europe, but playing in the D-League provides an opportunity to play with NBA-level athletes on a nightly basis. It could lead to the next great opportunity for Triche. Even if he gets healthy earlier than expected and wants to hit the hardwood, the international season will already be well in swing, arguably almost done, by the time that happens. A minor league stint could certainly be the way to go.