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NBA D-League Alum Moses Ehambe discusses Emmanuel Mudiay relationship and his motivation

Moses Ehambe, the NBA D-League's all-time leader in three-point field goals, discusses his motivation to keep playing, his place in the record books, and relationship with cousin (and Denver Nuggets rookie) Emmanuel Mudiay.

When the list of all-time great shooters comes up, names like Reggie Miller, Stephen Curry and Steve Nash are all bound to be included in that conversation. While those players are all great in their own right, former D-League wing Moses Ehambe actually has a place atop of the record books.

Though his spot at the top of the career three-pointers made list is in the D-League, it's still a testament to his consistency, his longevity and his overall marksmanship from deep.

As expected, he wasn't just born to be the best three-point shooter the D-League has seen; he had to put years and years of hard work in. He's traveled all over the world playing basketball, but it all began on the blacktop in elementary school.

In an interview with, Ehambe said that a punishment actually lead to his basketball career taking off.

"I got started in basketball through a little incident that happened in elementary school. I was at recess playing soccer and I was going to score a game-winning goal and someone pushed me in my back, so I was yelling at him and we were wrestling and he pinned me on the ground and I bit his ankle."

Ehambe continued, "The teacher came out and only saw me biting his ankle, so she banned me from being on the field so I couldn't play soccer anymore. I went over to the blacktop and the first shot that I had went in."

While it was an odd series of events that led him to the game, he wound up being surrounded by it throughout his life. Multiple family members, including Denver Nuggets first round pick Emmanuel Mudiay, have gone on to play basketball at a high level, many of whom looked up to Ehambe as a role model.

"Having a family full of basketball players had had a massive impact; I'm the oldest (aside from my older sister) and everyone wants to make it to the biggest level and seeing the oldest brother or cousin do it is motivating to them. Basketball gives me the power to influence a lot of people and it's given me the power to influence people all over the world. My cousin, Emmanuel Mudiay, was drafted 7th overall this year, my cousin won a ton of games at Wichita State and my brother is trying to play professionally. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to be a bit of role model to them."

Amid his rise to becoming the D-League's best shooter from downtown, Ehambe also emerged as a minor league all-star and one of its most notable players both on and off the court.

"I ended up in the D-League All-Star game [in 2011] and that experience was phenomenal. Initially I wasn't actually in the All-Star game, just the three-point contest but I got a call from our general manager and he told me that I had been named as a replacement for someone who had been injured," he revealed. "I went out there and played really well, but the only downside was that from that game my legs were basically gone so I did pretty horribly in the three-point contest."

Along with his All-Star selection, Ehambe was awarded for his work off of the court as well. He was chosen as the 2012 NBA D-League Sportsman of the Year, an honor that he'll never forget.

"That meant far more than anything because one of my things in playing, for me, is showing the world that basketball players are good guys. Being able to show teammates and get through to them that we are blessed with this talent to change lives and that we have such an impact in people's lives is such a powerful thing," the veteran said. "I want to live the right way and act professionally and impact people and winning that award made me feel like like I was doing the right thing."

He made the decision to return to Spain after that season, this time in the ACB League. Once again, he showed his value on the court but decided to return to the Energy after his season abroad ended.

It was during that year that Ehambe put his name into the D-League record books as the all-time three-point field goals made leader in a game against the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.

"The game was over in Rio Grande Valley. I didn't even know that I was on the board as far as most three-pointers, which was crazy. I try not to pay attention to that kind of stuff, but the girls in the front office were telling me going in that I was right near the top for the record and that I better shoot well. I went out there and the balls were just going in, so it was a really cool game."