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NBA D-League M.V.P. Tim Frazier Shows Off Dance Moves With Blazers

D-League M.V.P. Tim Frazier has some pretty interesting dance moves.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Frazier had a fantastic rookie season this past year. En route to leading the Maine Red Claws to the top spot in all of the Eastern Conference, he not only won Most Valuable Player honors, but was also awarded the same honor by the D-League, in addition to its respective Rookie of the Year honor as well.

Perhaps even more importantly, he earned himself that oh so coveted NBA call-up later in the year. And though he arrived late to the party with the Blazers this past season, he's seemingly making up for lost time. With training camp approaching, he has the opportunity to spend time with his still relatively new Portland teammates. Here he is making resident star guard Damian Lillard laugh with some moves.

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