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SBNation Mock Draft, Pick #7: Los Angeles Clippers

With the seventh pick in the 2008 NBA SBNation Mock Draft, the Los Angeles Clippers, represented by Clips Nation , select....



Jerryd Bayless, Guard, University of Arizona. 6-3, 199 lbs.

Clips Nation says:

With Chris Kaman and Al Thornton signed for several seasons, Elton Brand likely to remain a Clipper and Corey Maggette also a strong possibility for next season, the Clippers would seem to be set in the front court.  The back court by contrast is something of a train wreck.  Shaun Livingston has yet to play as much as a game of two on two 16 months after his knee surgery, the combination of point guards that finished the season on the roster (Brevin Knight, Dan Dickau and Smush Parker) might be described as serviceable if one were feeling charitable, and the lone shooting guard signed for next season is Cat Mobley, 32 years old and coming off the worst season of his pro career.  So while Brook Lopez is very, very long, Anthony Randolph is tempting, and Danilo Gallinari is, well, Italian, the Clippers are THRILLED to find Bayless still available in this position.

Bayless has the quickness and handle to transition to the point guard in the NBA.  He's an explosive perimeter scorer, which is something the Clippers have needed for a very long time.  If Livingston is able to play, Livingston's length will allow Bayless to play off the ball on offense; if Livingston is not able to play, he immediately becomes the most talented point guard on the roster.  Widely projected to be selected by the Sonics with the fourth pick, Bayless has fallen to the Clippers at seven, and he will fall no further.

The Milwaukee Bucks, represented by BrewHoop , are on the clock.


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