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Lester Hudson Set to Join Maine Red Claws, Rival D-League Teams Pee Their Pants

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Dear Lester, I hope you're excited to meet that guys son.
Dear Lester, I hope you're excited to meet that guys son.

Lester Hudson's going to be joining the Red Claws, according to the Boston Herald's "Celtic's Insider" Blog:

Doc Rivers said moments ago that  Lester Hudson will be making a trip to the D-League in the near future. The coach still likes the point guard very much, but the rookie has played just 49 minutes for the Celtics entering tonight's game against his hometown Grizzlies.

"We're going to send him down pretty soon to the NBDL for a week or so to get him some games, because I don't like our young guys going these long stretches without playing games. And then we're going to bring him back. I think that will help him."

Last night, the D-League's Twitter account held a contest for a free t-shirt for whoever could answer the following question:

What NBA D-League team has the most players with NBA experience? Can you name them? 1st correct answer today (Dec 14) gets a free shirt

The RU Twitter account quickly responded as such (P.S. They've yet to contact us about a free t-shirt unless they hit up Jon L and he's holding out on me):

@nbadleague Maine. Billy Thomas, Will Blalock, Billy Walker, Alexis Ajinca, Trey Gilder, Noel Felix and Mario West.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.  That's seven freakin' players on their (NBA expanded) 12 man roster with D-League experience.  Provided that they don't swap Billy Walker for Lester Hudson, eight of their 12 players will have NBA experience.  That's a lot.  And they're already 5-1.  Yikes.