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Jazz Trade Eric Maynor, Backup PG; Need a Replacement. D-League, Hooah!

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If you missed it yesterday, the Jazz traded Eric Maynor and Matt Harpring for some dude named Peter Fehse.  Since I assume you come here for obscure information regarding such things, I'm going to let Sham explain the details.

The reason I'm discussing this here is that the Jazz traded their backup point guard without getting a point guard in return (or anything aside from cap relief, really).  This, as far as I can tell, means that the Utah Jazz are preparing to do what every other team should have done in the past few weeks: Sign Dontell Jefferson from the Utah Flash.

Dontell Jefferson, who topped the first edition of the Randy Livingston Memorial "On The Edge" Call-Up Rankings, is a 6'5" pass-first point guard who played part of last season in the NBA after being called-up by the Charlotte Bobcats.  He also plays for the Utah Flash, is coached by former Jazz scout Brad Jones, and runs the Jazz system (what that is worth, I'm unsure).

Anyway, now that I've developed a post aimed toward getting Dontell Jefferson a call-up, he'll be called-up tomorrow.  If you're skeptical, take a look at this.  I'm one-for-one when it comes to predicting Dontell Jefferson getting called-up.  It's science, Jeff Potter might say

Plus, considering he's a smart, defense first point guard who knows the system and the Jazz need to add a player to meet the NBA's 13 player minimum requirement, it just makes sense.