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RGV Vipers 103, Reno Bighorns 95 - Houston Fans, Plz Luv This Team!!1!

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I know, it seems like I'm forcing the RGV Vipers down everyone's throat since my last post was about calling some of these dudes up, but seriously, they deserve to play in the NBA.  Someone, aside from myself and Matt Moore, should start showing these guys the love they've earned.

Since I wasn't able to watch the game (getting my workout on and clinching ever-so-tightly to my berth in my fantasy football league's championship), I have to break this game down using this handy-dandy boxscore (It's really not that handy and definitely not dandy, but we'll get into that later this week!).  Also, for some reason, the minutes seem to be messed up (180 instead of 240) - let's get it on that, k ADB?

  • Since he never really gets any ink, I'm starting today off with some Jonathan Wallace love.  Wallace is a player I was high on at Georgetown just because he's a solid point guard, a bit of a throwback.  He's not going to score 30 points and dish the flashy passes, but he'll be solid, and on this team, "solid" is more than enough.  Last night, he played 28 minutes, dishing 11 assists (just one turnover) and scoring 11 points.  Obviously, some of his assists can be attributed to the talent around him, but I'm giving him credit.
  • Mike Harris, please just get a stinkin' call-up instead of being an efficient scorer and guarding whoever Antonio Anderson isn't.  Harris put up 17 points on 8-of-16 shooting in just 28 minutes before he fouled out.
  • Joey Dorsey is frickin' beast. 27 points, 15 boards and, well, seven turnovers.  Against Rod Benson.
  • If you were wondering who takes over at the point when Jon Wallace isn't playing, typically, it's Antonio Anderson.  Anderson isn't an amazing point guard (which is why Tyreke Evans was given the ropes last year at Memphis), but his court vision is there, as his eight assists will tell you (one up above his 7.1 season average).  Seven turnovers, however, are an issue.  I have to assume he was given the assignment of defending the opponents best perimeter player as per usual, so we'll get to him next!
  • Desmon Farmer, Reno's noted chucker who is averaging 26 points prior this game, was held to just 12 shots (lowest of the season), though he made six of them.  Hate to credit Anderson for holding Farmer to just 18 points, but I'm guessing it's warranted.  If not, tell me.
  • Mo Charlo, just because Farmer isn't killing it, that doesn't mean you have to.  Glad we got that out of the way.
  • Russell Robinson, quit turning the ball over. Kthxbai!
  • Since I didn't watch the game, I'm not going to say Rod Benson was murdered in the Dorsey-Benson matchup, because who knows what happened.  Maybe the Band of Misfit Toys (oh Hai Eric Devendorf) finally got to him.  Maybe his partner-in-crime Cezary Trybanski (sitting this one out due to suspension) was missed.  Who knows.  Still, 13 points, 2 blocks, 2 boards isn't great.