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Re-Introduction, Starring Ridiculous Upside

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Dear Everyone,

Welcome to Ridiculous Upside.  My name is Scott and I'm your usual host, along with my Vanna White, Jon L (he does the real work).  You'll ocassionally hear from a few others, but we're the daily's.  I feel like you and I don't really know each other, mostly because it's usually myself or Jon L doing all the talking, and usually to the four or five regulars we have here.  Thus, I'd like to let you know what we're all about, and our Summer plans.  Consider this one of those assignments your fifth grade teacher assigned when you were done with the lesson plan for the school year, but you still had to be there for a couple more days and it was too early to clean out your desk.

During the fridgid winter (at least here in Bismarck), we covered all things D-League.  This worked well, as our call-up rankings were pretty accurate, our Open Source Live Blogs were filled with fun, and everything else in between, from the "Should Rod Benson Keep Blogging" posts to the "Which D-League team has the Hottest Dance Team?" post kept all 47 daily readers entertained.

This Summer, though, we're shifting gears.  Not totally, but we'll be covering the draft in-depth (complete with regular mock drafts), we'll be covering the Orlando Summer League via webcast, and then I'll actually be in Vegas to cover those two glorious weeks of NBA fringe players doing what they do.  Along with that, we'll keep you up-to-date on the D-League happenings, but frankly, there isn't enough, so it'll mostly be in-depth looks at players that will more than likely get Summer League looks, which you should be used to because Jon L's got a decent amount up in the past week.  Basically, this summer, we should be your first stop if you want to know about the next big thing.

This morning, I was looking at the numbers.  By Tuesday, we will have surpassed 7,500 unique visits in five days this month.  Since we were born nearly one year ago (May 14th, 2008), that's more visits than we've had in 1/3 of the months.  There are tens of thousands hundreds you who read this site every day and don't say a word.  I don't know where everyone is coming from, but yesterday, there were 1,436 unique visits, and there were four days that we had more than that here in the past week.  Regardless, we had very few comments, and most were between myself, Jon L, and IcemanCometh, who was just named RU's commenter of the month in April.

Therefore, I'm taking a stand! No more lurking. I am calling you out. It is time to stop being a wallflower and start talking to the pretty girl/boy across the room.  Believe me, I'm pretty.

After the jump, now that you know what we're planning, we have your Summer assignment (and it includes more than reading Lance Allred's book).


Ridiculous Scott Schroeder

P.S. To get to know me better, follow me on Twitter @RidiculousScott.  There, you will find my wonderful 140 character thoughts on life and basketball.  Such as letting the world know that I do, in fact, own a Fargo-Moorhead Beez jersey.  Jon Lsays this isn't a bad thing.


  • Start contributing!
  • Start fan posting your own mock draft, fan shotting pictures of Mateen Cleaves at the 7-11, take advantage of the loveliness that is SB Nation.
  • If you are a lurker (i.e. a reader who's never posted a comment), sometime in the next 24 hours post your first comment.  You don't have to say much if you're shy.
  • If you aren't sure what to say, try this: "I heart ____" and fill in your favorite NBA prospect, breakfast cereal, D-League team, player, etc. It's up to you.  You don't even have to explain your choice (unless you heart Alton Ford, Antonio Meeking, or Jasper Johnson, in which case you had better explain yourself)
  • Or if that's too much, try this: "Hi, I am a lurker", just so we know you are here.
  • Comment anywhere. In this story.  On the mock draft.  Wherever.

The challenge starts now. I want to hear from you people.  Sign up and comment - and not just for RU.  We've got plenty of other great blogs here, including Bright Side of the Sun, a  Phoenix Suns blog that's worried about H1N1 and is a little overly-meta, but great nonetheless, Welcome To Loud City, if you're into sweet graphics and the OKC Thunder, Rufus On Fire, if Bobcats are your thing, and even Golden State of Mind, because, well, they believe (or used to anyway).