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Checking In Around the D-League

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In lieu of a legitimate recap of last night's action, I decided to fill everyone in on what's been going on around the blogosphere for the past week or so.

I will give you some bullet points of things I noticed through box score reading last night, first, however, just in case.

  • Mike Gansey had his second straight double-double, scoring 19 points and grabbing 10 boards.  I forgot to report this, but at the Showcase one scout told me "He's the best rebounding white guard since Bob Sura." Seriously.
  • Russell Robinson came off the bench for the second straight game.  Majic Dorsey got the start.  Maybe this will remind Robinson that he is indeed a point guard by trade and shouldn't lead the Bighorns in shot attempts.
  • Rod Benson is back. 23 points, 12 rebounds and a block.  Thank goodness.  He also tweeted this, which makes sense.
  • Albuquerque had just seven players, two of which being Yaroslav Korolev and Kevin Pittsnogle, and they still beat Reno.  Reno, I repeat, is terrible.  They're having, as Alexander would say, a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Season.
  • Springfield beat Maine, in overtime. JamesOn freakin Curry had 32 points and 16 assists while Mo Almond had his usual 34 points.  For Maine, Trey Gilder remembered he's good and scored 33 points and grabbed 12 boards off the bench.
  • Rio Grande Valley beat the Iowa Energy in a match-up of conference leaders.  I'm sure it helped that Mike Harris was back for the Vipers and Cartier Martin was on his way from Des Moines to Golden State.  Had Iowa returner Othyus Jeffers been ready to contribute minutes, he may have been able to fill in Martin's numbers.  Iowa is still stacked.
  • Curtis Jerrells, your 25 points and 10 boards are great, but you've gotta remember you're a point guard.  Two assists and leading the team in field goal attempts is not what point guards do.
  • Dwayne Jones sleep walked to 19 points and 18 rebounds.  Seriously, he's a zombie.  Without trying, he dominates. It annoys me.
  • Iowa's not going to win many games if they keep shooting 37%. I promise you.
  • Gabe Pruitt got another DNP.  He probably should find an overseas job, fast.
  • Bakersfield beat LA while attempting just 13 free throw's to LA's 33.  Interesting.