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Dakota Wizards Trade Blake Ahearn; Acquire James "Who?" Jackson

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Boo Blake Hoopz
Boo Blake Hoopz

I'm not going to try explaining this, but wanted you all to know that it happened: Blake Ahearn, who recently returned from a succesful stint overseas, was re-acquired by Dakota, then quickly traded for James "Boo" Jackson of Bakersfield.

I do know there were better players on the table and that the Wizards weren't in dire need of another power forward, though the Wizards hand was forced due to Ahearn wanting point guard minutes whether it be in Dakota or somewhere else. 

As far as Boo Jackson, he's already been cut once this season and was shooting a dismal 44% since being acquired by the Jam.  Still, he didn't look abysmal in Boise, so who knows.  I would've much preferred a player that actually plays bigger than 6'8", which I didn't think Jackson did in Boise, but... yeah.

The Jam, on the other hand, are becoming mildly respectable and got a steal with this trade.  Will Voigt has got the better of two trades thus far this season, earlier acquiring Longar Longar for Terrance Gamble.  They've also acquired Brian Butch and Jeremy Wise thus far mid-season, both of which are starters.

Wizards coach Rory White told the Bismarck Tribune that he's "not worried about trying to rank their ability. I'm more worried about how well they can help the team than what they've done in the past."

Well, as Bill Simmons might say, when you can acquire a guy who's been called-up from your team in his past two D-League seasons for a guy whose claim to fame is that he's not that Boo Jackson, but his girlfriend is Hoopz of VH1 reality show fame, you do it.  Amirite?