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Happy Sundiata Gaines Day! (Belatedly)

Ridiculous Upside has officially declared January 14th Sundiata Gaines Day.

Yes, just like we gave Randy Livingston his, Paul Mokeski and Joel Abelson theirs, Luke Schenscher his, I'm ready to bestow the highest honor in the RUniverse on Sundiata Gaines.

Gaines, essentially, summed up everything that I love about the D-League last night.  He didn't get anything handed to him growing up, he realized the D-League gave him a unique opportunity, and then, when he got that opportunity, he took advantage of it.

Opportunity is essentially all one needs, and to see Gaines get it, then dominate it, was amazing.  Seriously, it inspired me.

Apparently I'm not alone in this because there were some amazing stories posted last night (yes, even better than mine).

Here is a sampling: