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Paul Mokeski - My contribution to RLD

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Paul Mokeski
Paul Mokeski

Here's my submission for Randy Livingston Day, which I'm going to celebrate every April 10th.  Not just for Randy, but all unsung D-League assistant coaches.  

Joel, you're next - RU already has Joel Abelson Day coming up, complete Wine Cooler Coozie's.  I'm also working on getting you to star in a remake of this commercial to run in the greater Boise area.  Also, for the record, we celebrated Deane Martin Day at Famous Dave's last season - one of the first assistant coach appreciation days.

Without further adieu, I present to you a post I wrote on my old blog before Ridiculous Matt let me come over here where people would actually read my stuff, even if that didn't hapen until recently.  

I have high hopes that Mokeski remembers me and we can drink wine coolers together - he's currently an assistant with the Anaheim Arsenal.


P.S. One other assistant coach that deserve his own day: Tony Fritz, Sioux Falls.